The other site


The places where we live, we carry them with us everywhere, like an empty space. Natalia Revilla reconstructs the landscapes that keep her in motion, those scenarios that permeate our memory and when she revisits them they provoke a reflection, a double phantom: the trail of the past, what was and what we were, settles like the sunset over the present.

The heart accumulates a mileage, and in each space that we occupy, in some way we are still there. We leave impregnated the color of a look, the trace of our steps, vestiges of the transit and the room, ancestral frictions of the coexistence between the human being and his environment. Although sometimes, one of the parties transgresses this pact, breaks protocol and transforms everything.

Suggesting a parallel with the Rorschach test, Natalia psychoanalyzes the landscapes by discovering what lies beneath the unconscious and the soil: so many lives that have passed by leaving the dead, that over time become part of the landscape, decompose and vanish in the unshakable beauty of nature.

"The other site" illustrates the subtle dichotomy of Being and Not Being, or of Being and Not being able to preserve a place.

Tilsa Otta.

1. Acrylic cutwork and painted. 70 x 170 cm.

3. Acrylic cutwork and painted. 80 x 150 cm.

2. Acrylic cutwork and painted. 80 x 150 cm.

4. Acrylic cutwork and painted. 95 x 100 cm.